The Perks of Being A University Graduate: Yea, Right!


Before I go on to explain why I think the above statement is somewhat true, I want to explain my reason why for doing this.

I recently committed myself to a 4 year program (I hope to get it done in 2.5). This decision happens to be the biggest transaction that I ever made in my life – the next closest being signing up for a summer of calculus class, which I dropped out and asked for a refund after 2 classes.

The scary thing is that I never thought about why I should go to university.

I am not a big fan of school (my English exam is like 8 hours, yet I am doing this). Or being a paper collector (although I do think that Ph. Ds sound fancy). Then why am I doing this to myself?

The social norm – also known as bullshit and media.

Society has taught me that people who go to university – I want to call them colleges, so allow me to use the 2 terms interchangeably from now on – earn better wages and succeed in life.

I don’t get it. Do 4 years in school really change so many people so completely?

They DON’T. College is very similar to high school – you take courses and you participate in things that you are passionate about.

People simply accredit all of their social transformation to the COLLEGE EXPERIENCE. However, your social environment would change even if you don’t go to college. You’d still have to face the harsh reality of the world and be tempted by the endless pleasures that exist.

I would probably still get professional summer jobs, drink at bars on Friday nights and try to act like a hippie.

People just assume that college makes you live BETTER. It doesn’t.

Driven people choose to go to college. Therefore, when they graduate, they will work harder, think more and change the world more dramatically than their counterparts.

Without college, they probably would have ended up in the same place anyways OR BETTER. If I am really driven, then I can probably learn more and get more experience by working right a way – a dose of reality and a bit of freedom create wonders.

If you type in Google, “Did the Beatles go to”, you are in for a treat.

Here are the top 5 searches:

5. Did the Beatles go to music school?

4. Did the Beatles go to Woodstock?

3. Did the Beatles go to India?

2. Did the Beatles go to Russia?

1. Did the Beatles go to college?

Seems like that most people wanted to know if a liberal arts experience shaped the Beatles. I actually expected the top 3 results to be about the locations of their trips.

To answer question 1, the top search, John was a college dropout. Paul stopped at secondary school. And George and Ringo didn’t even have high school educations.

Ok, so you don’t need to attend Julliard or Berklee to kick butt in music.

I realize that I sound like an anarchist for education.

College can be beneficial in the sense that it provides discipline and allows people to gain confidence. If that’s the case, then I am totally FOR going through college.

However, the cost of education is scary. To me, the degree that I am attempting to get isn’t worth the money and the pain that it puts my loved ones through. In fact, I can probably learn more things about the industry without spending a dime by googling stuff (and of course, stackoverflow-ing) all day long.

The norm pushes people like me to get a “better” education, on paper, and take on heavy loans. The debt will make sure that I act like a goody two shoes and work for a big company for a few years to barely break even. By then, I will have to focus on other things like creating a financial safety net, making money to take care of family members and taking on a larger loan to buy a home or something. Very fun.

It’s quite unfair that schools nowadays don’t give you a chance – it’s either going to university or FAILING IN LIFE.

I chose the 1st. Do you blame me?

  • Nikki

    I’d just like to point out, although this doesn’t apply to me, that some professions such as a doctor, lawyer and even a teacher require a university degree of some kind. You can’t just have a high school dropout become a doctor or lawyer. So, if that’s your dream then yeah, you do need to go to college or uni. However, for other things, especially music, uni or college is useless. While I agree that the experience doesn’t change you, some people also want to go there to be with people of higher academic capabilities, although if you ask me, there are a lot of kids at my high school who are going to uni and shouldn’t have even made it. Also, some people just love to learn and want to take prestigious courses. But at the end of the day, it’s up to YOU to have a better life, university won’t do anything in that department. :)

  • monsternomics

    Hi Nikki, I totally agree. Sadly though, there are a lot of systematic flaws…
    If I want to become a criminal lawyer, I dont see y I need an undergrad degree or y I need to learn about real estate law, internet law and all the other jazz?
    You nailed the insight :P

  • NoShitSherlock

    Your examples for ‘should you go to college’ are musicians. Go ahead and try to get a job as an IB without a college degree. Maybe grad school is ‘excessive’ but I think you vastly oversimplified the issue…

  • Armchair Pundit

    Have you even gone to university, asshole?
    Sit the fuck down kiddo, and stop writing until you actually know what you’re talking about. Or not – I’m sure employers and the world at large would love to be warned in advance of how much of a presumptions idiot you are.
    And please stop advertising your blog on the frosh Facebook page. It’s full of enough crap already.