My Brain Atrophied: 3 Things That I Learned

My brain has ATROPHIED because of school.

After finally submitting my university application a few months ago, I tried to come up with good ideas for blogs and businesses again. And I realized that my intellectual muscle had disappeared.

Let me explain the reason for my plagued self-esteem.

A few years ago, I was happy with my life for the most part – it was the most creative period of my life so far.

I tried daytrading and had to force myself to stop – it was addicting and I was skipping school to attend the day time stock exchange.

I built a windmill with my school’s engineering team. We built the blades out of Christmas wrapping paper. Enough said.

I took pride in having my Facebook name flipped (Nosaj Eix). And I calculated that I trolled about 68% of the people who I added.

Then it all changed.

I have WASTED THE PAST 2 YEARS OF MY LIFE! I succumbed to STUDY-ITIS, the intense urge to get high marks in attempt to get into a legitimate university.

I am 100% serious. I regret spending so much time doing things for the wrong reasons.

I spent hours every day making long study notes. I was afraid that I would miss something for the test.

I spent an equal amount of time checking over assignment questions. I was pretty proud of the fact that I needed well over 11 drafts for every essay.

I spent a substantial amount of minutes staying organized. Um… on odd numbered days, I would hole punch the papers; on even numbered days, I would add sticky notes to my books.

These activities required 0% creativity and inspired 0 passion. At the time, I just couldn’t think of good ideas. Because I was so shocked at my mental deterioration, I decided that I can’t be out of shape forever. Hence, I started to hit the gym every day since then. Here are a few things that I have learned:

#1 DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO– Things that you don’t love are not fun. Work is not fun. Only by loving your work, can you be truly satisfied in life. This is why passionate people are amazing people. I spent 2 years pursuing good marks and a supposedly “guaranteed-path”.

#2 EXERCISE WITH RIGEROUS DISCIPLINE – Creativity can be trained. Sitting down in a coffee shop and getting a piece of paper and a pen can make a world of difference. It’s not enough to let the thoughts come to you. Scientifically, the more you think about something, the stronger the connections are between you neurons, the better your ideas will become. Try to come up with 5 ideas each day. Just 5! In a year, you will have 1725 ideas. 1700 ideas are probably bad. 24 ideas are probably bad as well. Only 1 idea will be good. The key is to believe in that you will always win.

#3 MAKE YOUR IDEAS ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITIES – “The best ideas are when you take two older ideas that have nothing to do with each other, make them have sex with each other, and then build a business around the ugly bastard child that results. The child that was so ugly nobody else wanted to touch it. Look at Facebook: combine the internet with stalking. Amazing!” – James Altucher

Don’t make my mistake - atrophy is not a myth.